Trails in Marple Township

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The best number and variety of trails in Marple Township is in its Kent Park off of Cedar Grove Road (not to be confused with Delaware County's Kent Park along Darby Creek in Upper Darby Township). The level Macadam Trail, leading back through the park from the parking area, is accessible at least as far as a ford over the small stream. There you have the choice of using the flat-topped "stepping stones" built into the concrete ford structure or walking/wheeling through a few inches of water on the flat surface of the concrete.

Macadam Trail Ford
Macadam Trail in Kent Park, showing stream ford

Alternatively, climb the steps and cross the footbridge near the parking area, then turn left and walk or jog along the wooded hillside on the Woods Trail (marked with blue blazes on tree trunks), which meets the Macadam Trail on the other side of the ford. Partway along the Woods Trail, the Hill Trail climbs up the hill and leads to a flat clearing with the stone remains of an old house foundation. The Ballfield Trail leaves the end of the Macadam Trail to climb up to this same clearing and then beyond to the adjacent Thomas Field ballield complex. All of these trails can be combined into walking or running loops of varying length and difficulty.

In Veterans Memorial Park off of Lawrence Road, the 0.3 mile Macadam Path is popular for walking, running and casual cycling. While there is no defined trail, you can also walk back into the far mowed meadow and gradually down through the woods beyond, taking a Woodland Walk as far as the fence of the swim club. Marple Township is currently undertaking a Master Plan Study for Veterans Park, which is much larger than the cut-lawn area. Concepts include additional trails within the larger site, plus short connector trails from the present macadam loop to adjacent neigborhood streets like Rose Lane and Concord Road, which would offer direct access from these neighborhoods.

The Hildacy Farm Preserve hosts a network of natural walking trails. The preserve, which serves as the headquarters of the Natural Lands Trust, is located just downstream from the Springton Revervoir, off of Palmers Mill Road. Zoom in on the map to see these trails.

Glenwood Cemetery Path The Glenwood Cemetery Path is perhaps the oldest suburban trail in Marple. This short and narrow path runs through the trees at the rear edge of the cemetery along Marple Road. The trail ends at an access road, but you can continue to walk along the periphery of the cemetery to Anthony Avenue, and then alongside Anthony down to Amber Court, where the sidewalk begins. While tired and small, the Glenwood path has its own quirky appeal and should be on your "I've done that one" list. If necessary, you can park on Ceton Court, just beyond the Little League fields.

While it has no real trails, you can also walk the perimeter of New Ardmore Avenue Park, located off of its namesake road. At the back of the park, if there were a small pedestrian bridge over Langford Run, it would be possible to continue a trail through the woods to Langford Road, offering additional access from that neighborhood. Someday, a further trail connection to the back of Veterans Memorial Park might be possible as well.

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